Adjustable Hip Loop Resistance Bands

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  • Ultimate Sculpting Tool- Resistance band for legs and butt is definitely a super-toning secret weapon, simple but effective portable equipment, help shaping your body. Just wrapping the band around your legs during basic exercises immediately makes the move more challenging thanks to the added resistance.

  • No Roll Up Gym Bands- Ultra-comfortable nonslip fabric booty bands, unlike the rubber thin resistance bands, these wide fabric bands will stay in position no matter what movement you make, no irritating feeling that you need to pull it back which ruins your workout.

    • One Size Fit All- Adjustable hip loop bands can be adjusted to fit all lengths. Instead of 3 or more sizes, you only need to carry one, more effective, just adjust it to full size and you get minimum resistance and change it to the shortest to get the maximum. You can easily switch to find the most comfortable part to exercise.


    1* resistance band
    1* bands bag