Folding Strainers Square Shape Drain Basket

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1. Convenient kitchen environment-used to drain most foods such as pasta, potatoes, broccoli, mung beans, carrots, and other vegetables. Use these filters to rinse salad leaves, fruits, and fresh vegetables.

2. Versatility-double-sided design, one side can be a water basin and the other side is a leaky basket. Washed vegetables and fruits will not fall no matter how it falls;

close the basket Baskets, can be washed by shaking left and right, used for soaking, cleaning, draining, storage

3. Foldable-Both sides can be folded and hung on the wall for easy storage.


4. Material: PP

5. Size (expanded): 42 * 25 * 6cm

          ( Folded): 21.5 * 25 * 11.5

 Package Included:

1 x drainage basket