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  • Watch Repair Case Opener
  • Watch Case Clamp


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Going to a watch repair shop and having a specialist change the battery is expensive and time-consuming, Now with this  Easy-Use Watch Repair Case Opener, you can do it yourself!

Professional Watch Repair Tools

Great Tools for Waterproof watch case opening, batteries replacing and watch repairing. It has adjustable pins to adjust to fit the size of the watch case then twist to open it. Use with watch case clamp, it will minimize the risk of slipping and scratching.

Apply to Different Watches Types

100% brand new, tips adjust from 13mm to 55mm which can fit different size watch cases, It is the most effective tool for watch case opening. It can be used for different types of watches, no longer need to worry about replacing the battery.

Durable Life Time

High-quality materials give the opener a long-last working time. It is also water-resistant and will not easily get rust or damaged.




  • Thumb Screw - Roll it to adjust the pin's distance to fit the watch case diameter.
  • Fits all Watches - Adjustable tempered pins for easy use on water-resistant cases. 
  • Strong Grip - Can twist to the MAX to ensure it is waterproof.
  • Small Size - Lightweight and portable 
  • Usage - Replace the watch's battery or repair.


Watch case opener:

  • Color: blue
  • Size: 70 mm x 28 mm x 11mm/ 2.8 x 1 x 0.4 inch
  • Adjust range: 12mm – 57mm
  • Fit for: water-resistant cases
Watch case clamp:
  • Color: yellow
  • Size: 70 mm x 46 mm x 36mm /2.8 x 1.8 x1.4 inch
  • Adjust range: up to 42 mm

How to use watch holder:

Step 1:
Unscrew the four white posts of the watch case holder (the yellow one), turn the silver knob and make it fit snugly around the watch face plate.
Step 2:
Put the back of your watch into the watch case holder. Open the pins of the holder wider than the size of the watch case, put the watch in the case and tighten the holder until it holds the watch case securely.

How to use case opener:

Adjustable wrench for waterproof watch case backs with pointed pins.Easy to use by adjust centre wheel to open pins to diameter required.
When the tips are in securely in place in the watch case back notches, you can begin to unscrew the watch back. Grip the watch holder to keep it from moving and begin turning the case wrench counter clockwise to open the watch case.

Note: This opener is suitable for screw down watch back case, cannot be utilized in the pressure type watch case